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in 15 weeks

Your achievements are my achievements. This is how I take it.


This guide is written in simple language and helps you to understand what training does to our body; what is important to know for a running beginner and keep in mind for an advanced runner; how to plan your training process and achieve your running goals.

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I am not really a runner. I cannot even run 5k without switching to walking. How can I benefit from coaching?
Beginners in running like you need some consistency, motivation and right amount of training in order to improve general endurance and overall fitness. In this case, based on your current conditions, health state and available time I offer you tailored made program with necessary amount of running and exercises.

I run for a few years 3-4 times a week, but never more than 10k. I want to challenge a half marathon next year. Can you help me?
Definitely, yes. If you are able to run 10 distance, within a few months of proper training and my professional assistance you will be able to run 21k with no stress.

I am advanced marathon runner, completed 6 of them. My personal record is 3:08, but my results are stuck between 3:08 and 3:20. Is it my limit? My dream is to run under 3 hours.
In order to understand limiting factors, I would need to analyse your past training, have a look at your running style and some other important points. Then I offer you a strategy and a training plan which will help you under my supervision and guidance to achieve your dream.

I don’t want to run any official running events. I just want to loose some weight and improve my overall fitness, but I am not consistent in training and loose focus and motivation quickly. Are you working with this kind of people?
Motivation and subtle psychological approach is an important tool of every self-respecting personal trainer. You also should remember that nutrition is as important as training. Together we will make a training plan and nutrition correction that help you to adopt a new healthy lifestyle with no stress, but fun and joy!